solid wood


offers a blend of traditional and modern design elements to create a floor that not only looks authentic and stylish, but is also remarkably practical and durable

  • produced according to DIN EN 13629
  • surfaces filled and sanded
  • herringbone pattern absorbs high compression and provides structural stability
  • pattern conjures an optical illusion that suggests a larger area

hardwood planks

manufactured in our own factory, hardwood floor is timeless and enchances the warmth of any home.

  • obtained from domestic forestry in europe
  • choose a surface finish between brushing, oiling or lacquering
  • produced in compliance with quality standard EN13226
  • kiln dried according to the german standard DIN-NORM 280/2

castle planks

traditionally found in castles, this exclusive plank has been used for hundreds of years to create luxurious interiors.

  • we offer the option of producing the lengths of the boards individually
  • wider lengths accompany longer boards
  • extraordinarily strong and made of carefully selected materials
  • provide charm and additional visual depth to any room

softwood planks

harvested from sustainable european forestry, solid softwood planks have been used in homes for centuries. due to their bright and natural color, they add a unique dimension to any room.

  • species include spruce, pine, siberian larch and pitch pine
  • produced according to DIN EN 13629
  • softwood tends to be cheaper, as it is easier to source
  • softwood trees grow much faster than hardwood and are considered a very renewable source

classical parquet

harvested from sustainable european forests, oak parquet is renowned for its natural properties, durability and practicality.

  • paralelle, fishbone and casette stacking
  • easy to install and modify according to the dimensions of a room
  • durable and ecologically sustainable
  • special dimensions and bevelled edges with surface finishing possible on request

mosaic parquet

high quality mosaic parquet already laid in pattern and glued onto mesh making fitting simple and effective.

  • produced according to DIN EN 13488.
  • cube, parallel or english association pattern
  • available in ash and walnut
  • compared to other alternatives, it is especially decorative

industrial parquet

industrial parquet is a simple and incredibly durable solution. the variations in the many small staves lends the flooring its distinctive color interplay.

  • only slight color differences allowed.
  • produced according to DIN EN 14761
  • no tongue and groove
  • "quiet" harmony and "expressive" industry grading
  • scratch resistant, shinier than normal wood, easy to care and maintain.


we offer various types of accessories for ease of flooring installation.

  • skirting
  • floor oils
  • floor maintenance